Shadows of the Afterland
Aruma Studios
Linux, Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch
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You don't recall your death; you haven't even been born yet. Cross between realms and possess the living to unearth your haunting past in this supernatural comedy adventure where you'll confront sinister forces to find out if you are merely a pawn of destiny or if you can change your own future.

As players step into Carolina's shoes, they'll be able to use magic, switch between worlds and take possession of the living to solve clever and logically sound puzzles that are closely interwoven with the storyline. A quest that will eventually require confronting the sinister forces that haunt the world of the living.

Developed and published by Aruma Studios, the independent game developer known for the point-and-click adventure game Intruder in Antiquonia , Shadows of the Afterland is a supernatural comedy adventure about identity, courage and destiny.

Shadows of the Afterland Trailer


The story takes place in 1960. The old city zoo of Madrid is rocked by a mysterious death, catapulting a soul to the threshold between the world of the living and the afterlife. But when the transition goes awry, the soul arrives with the memories of Carolina, one of the pioneers in Madrid's police force, who has yet to be born. Carolina will have to use her skills to discover what happened to her, and who she really is.

Main features

  • Explore a supernatural murder mystery, blending themes of identity, courage, and destiny with afterlife, reincarnation, and the connection between past and future lives.
  • Take command of various playable characters using unique possession mechanics.
  • Explore the intricate stories of eccentric afterlife spirits through meaningful conversations.
  • Tackle clever and logically sound puzzles intricately intertwined with the storyline. Wield magic, navigate between both realms, and employ possession mechanics to solve them.
  • Immerse yourself in meticulously crafted pixel art scenes and animations.
  • Experience an original soundtrack that enhances the game's haunting atmosphere.

About Aruma Studios

We are an indie game studio founded by Silvia and Rubén, a family team based in A Coruña, Spain. We love games that challenge the brain and have a compelling story. The core of the studio consists of a producer and a software engineer. We partner with Emilio Almirón from Chenke Games, who is responsible for the great pixel art, and Juan R. Salgueiro for the atmospheric soundtrack.


Small clip Possessing a man at the old zoo of Madrid. Inside Casa de Fieras, the old zoo of Madrid. Carolina arrives in the afterlife. Carolina attempts to trade dangerous magical items. Carolina remembers the future.


Shadows of the Afterland logo with drop shadow. Aruma Studios black logo. Aruma Studios white logo.

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