Privacy policy

This website saves in local storage the decisions that you make so that the next time you open it, you don't have to make them again. One example is whether you already dismissed the cookie banner. That information doesn't identify you, and doesn't leave your browser.

This website and our web games collect anonymous analytics to improve the user experience by using Google Analytics. We don't record your IP or any other personally identifiable information on Google Analytics.

This website has activated display advertiser features on Google Analytics that provide demographics and interest data in analytics reports. We use this information to verify whether our marketing and PR efforts are reaching the right audience. This again does not personally identify you.

How to revoke consent

When you dismiss the cookie banner, you provide consent to collect anonymous analytics. If you don't dismiss the banner, no analytics will be collected. If you change your mind at any point, the easiest way to revoke consent is to use the feature in your browser to clear browser data for our website. If you use Chrome, follow these instructions . If you use Firefox, follow these instructions . For other browsers, check the browser-specific documentation.